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The Medicaid benefit maze

Applying for Medicaid can be like finding you way through a huge maze. To apply for Medicaid you will to have fill out and submit the application form and provide the documentation to verify general and financial requirements. If you fail to do so correctly will result in denial of Medicaid benefits. Knowing what documentation will be required and providing it in advance with the during the application process is key to being approved.

You can apply for Medicaid coverage yourself, or you may designate another person, such as a family member, your attorney, or a friend, to apply for you. If someone else applies for you, that person should be familiar with your situation, be able to answer all eligibility questions, and have access to your financial records. If you own a home, the state may ask you to document the current fair market value of the home and any loans for the home, such as mortgages or equity loans. The state may ask for these and many other supporting documents based on individual circumstances.

If the value of your assets went down a lot within the past five years, the state may ask you to explain what happened to the assets. The state will want to know whether you gave away any of your assets in the past five years. These transfers of assets can significantly delay when or if Medicaid benefits will be paid. To be eligible for Medicaid, you must meet the requirements.

There is a lot specifics to the Medicaid program in Alabama too numerous to mention, and which of these apply are always dependent on each applicant’s particular situation.

Given the complexity of the this process, you should always seek competent legal advice before you applying for benefits.

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