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Our practice includes estate planning (e.g., wills and trusts), estate and trust administration, powers of attorney, advanced medical directives (e.g. living wills, health care powers of attorney), guardianships, conservatorships, and public benefits (e.g., Medicaid), disability planning, estate,  Care management (e.g., Life Care Planning and Disability Planning), Veterans Benefits and fiduciary services. We also handle litigation involving these issues, such as will contests and estate administration disputes. we provide support to families and other attorneys when divorce litigation or personal injury litigation impacts public benefits eligibility. We help Seniors, special needs individuals and their advocates or caregivers meet these and other needs.



Estate Planning


Powers of Attorney

Disability Planning


Estate and Trust Administration

Fiduciary Services


Medicaid Planning/Applications

Veterans Benefits/Applications

Litigation or personal injury litigation (when it impacts public benefits)

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